Confidential Cross-Database DNA Relatives Matching for Personal Genomics Companies

3 min readSep 29, 2022


GENXT has developed the Peer-to-Peer DNA Relatives Matching service for personal genomics companies that allows them to conduct a cross-database search among one another and find cousins for their customers without any genomic data disclosure.

DNA Relatives Matching has been one of the key drivers in the personal genomics market, accounting for more than 50% of people who purchase genetic tests. However, to identify potential relatives, genetic testing companies match their customers within their local databases only which limits the value of this service. There are more than 250 genetic testing companies worldwide and each may contain close and distant relatives.

Moreover, most genetic testing companies are unable to offer popular DNA services such as DNA Matching and Ancestry Prediction due to limited database sizes. Our market research showed that only about 15% of the companies provide both Ancestry and DNA Matching products.

Powered by Confidential Computing technology, the Peer-to-Peer DNA Relatives Matching service is the first application of the Confidential Computing Network developed by GENXT. The solution enables large genetic testing companies to add greater value to their customers by expanding their search and also allows small and medium-sized companies to introduce the best-selling service.

mediated peer-to-peer confidential computing network

Confidential Computing Network Overview

GENXT Confidential Computing Network is a mediated peer-to-peer network that includes independent Nodes and a Mediator. Nodes are Confidential Computing application that is hosted by genetic testing companies on-premise or in Cloud. A genetic testing company deploys this software from the Trusted Repository maintained by an international cyber-security provider. Mediator Node, hosted by GENXT, provides network discovery and hosts the Task Queue that contains task statuses only.

The computing process of matching customers across databases comprises one-to-one interaction between Nodes with mutual permission and remote attestation of software genuineness. Thanks to the impervious levels of protection enabled by Confidential Computing, genetic data cannot be disclosed during computations, is processed for intended purposes only, and is also eliminated along with the enclave after processing.

Therefore, genetic testing companies can only see the results of computations and cannot access the genetic data of other genetic testing companies by design of the technology. In compliance with data protection regulations, genetic testing companies exchange matched customers with the personal information that customers agreed to disclose before initiating the network search. Genetic testing companies can also communicate network-discovered matches to their customers in their preferred format — a web-based personal account, mobile application, or email.

Here is a short video, explaining how the workflow process works.

Cross-Database DNA Matching for Personal Genomics Companies

GENXT Confidential Computing Network facilitates data protection compliance regardless of where personal data is processed, implements GA4GH standards and frameworks, and contributes to the adoption of Confidential Computing technologies in genomics.

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